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Awesome Small Balcony Design Ideas

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If you live in a city apartment, you’ve probably noticed that the balcony is the only outdoor place where you can enjoy some fresh and just relax after a fussy working day. Don’t be frustrated your balcony is so small – even if you have always dreamed about a big beautiful garden where you can enjoy some quality time with your partner or friends, be sure that you can still realize this dream in your balcony! Moreover, even the tiniest balconies can be turned into a small version of a very lovable garden! Everything depends on the decoration – it’s the main thing that helps you to turn your small balcony into a great outdoor sitting area that you may not be able to leave!

Design and decor ideas for a small balcony

Indeed, there are many various ideas that you can use according to your space, layout and design. Leave your indoors for some time; it’s time to create a pure nice balcony! Decor details, proper furniture, pretty accessories and even nice floor dressing are here to remodel your small balcony.

A fake grass carpet to dress the floor can make miraculous thing to the whole balcony; thus, you give your terrace the cheerful garden spirit; moreover, it costs not so expensive.

Next thing is the walls. What we’re gonna do? Place a mural garden! It is a great idea to give the balcony a natural and green look, and we must note that it saces so valuable free space on the floor!

It means that you should use the walls as plant holders by installing shelves, hooks or any other item that allows you to hang your plant pots – consider vertical gardening ideas. Or you can just opt for a vine or any climbing plant to cover the whole wall surface.

Next comes balcony furniture. It can be purchased taking into consideration the balcony or the terrace space. Since we’re talking about a small balcony, just focus on the most important items – a small table and a couple of chairs are very sufficient. Note that in case of very small balcony spaces, a folding table & chairs are ideal.

And the last thing is decorating your small balcony so that it can look pretty cozy. Flowers! Exactly flowers are the most essential decorative item in any terrace or balcony. Natural colorful flowers in all kinds give your balcony the most cheerful flowery ambience. Put some accessories around, for example, place the lamp or another nice decorative item on the table.

Time to relax in your beautiful small balcony!

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