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Amazing Playhouse Ideas

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Remember back in your childhood how you liked to play in the outdoors and build rustic playhouses out of whatever you had available? Well, do you have kids and an expansive garden? A big outdoor area is an invitation for a good playground for the kids, so here you will find inspiration for amazing playhouses in any style that your kids will certainly adore!

Playhouse Ideas For Any Preference


Tiki-Hut Playhouse

Polynesian Playhouse

Polynesian-style playhouse can add tropical charm to your outdoor area. The bamboo and the thatched roof complete the look of the tiki hut. This hut was inspired by the incredible over-the-water bungalows in Bora Bora.

Castle Playhouse

Castle playhouse is perfect for kids who enjoy fairytales and love to play knights and princesses. This castle below features a spiral staircase with a slide and a bridge that serves as a connection between the two towers. Inside the castle you can place a sandbox that can be an attraction for kids of younger age.


Castle Playhouse

Wooden Fort Playhouse

The fort made from timber is a perfect classy manifestation of a playhouse. The red door on the first level is in fact a garden shed above which we see a kid’s hideaway.

Alice In Wonderland Playhouse

Another awesome idea for the playhouse is to create a Rabbit’s house inspired by the Alice In Wonderland rabbit hut. You can decorate it with cards, keys and other interesting attributes from the Lewis Carroll’s tale. This playhouse that we see on the picture below also features two giant feet reminding of the part when Alice drank a potion and got enormously big.


Alice In Wonderland Playhouse

Victorian Playhouse

If you have a little princess living in the household she will certainly love the Victorian-style playhouse in the cream tones that you can see below. This playhouse has a pretty second floor that can be reached by an indoor ladder. So have you picked out a favorite playhouse for your kids?

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