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Alpine Garden Basics

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When alpine garden is mentioned it is usually referred to cultivation of plants that naturally grow in the high altitudes of an alpine meadow. Creating an alpine garden is not really hard as all you need to do is to plant the greens that are native to high altitudes and landscape an area with appropriate mountain-like surroundings. So if you enjoy the trips to the mountains and the beautiful scents that surround the high altitude meadows, growing an alpine garden is an excellent idea. Join us in this journey of creating an amazing alpine garden.

Making Of Alpine Garden

Alpine Gardens

Alpine Garden By Harvey Wrightman

Alpine Garden Landscaping

One of the most essential parts of creating an alpine garden is creating the suitable landscape that can be achieved with placement of rocks and establishments of beds for the garden. First, create the bed for the future greenery. You need to create some sort of elevation by digging and trenching. In the following tutorial by Scott Vergara, he used large lava rocks for forming the beds, but any large rocks would do. Make sure to leave some spacing between the rocks, because that’s where the roots will attach to. To landscape an area for a perfect mountain-like look use smaller rocks.

Alpine Garden Plants

Once the rocks are settled it is time to plant the greens. In the following tutorial a mixture of alpine plants along with some native species were used. The combination provides perfect colorful mix. Usually the plants that are growing in the alpine gardens are the low-growing specimen, like used in this garden:

  • Gentian
  • Dwarf creeping willow
  • Stonecrop (Sedum hispanicum)
  • Hens and chicks (Sempervivum)
  • Penstemon
  • Dwarf iris
  • Lewisia

Good drainage is very important for these plants, so don’t forget to use gravel. As you now know, creating of alpine garden is all about creating balanced combination of alpine and native plants, extensive use of groundcovers and landscaping rocks. Don’t forget to water the plants regularly, but remember that alpine garden is accustomed to harsh conditions and doesn’t require lots of watering. Below you will find a compilation of best Alpine gardens.

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