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7 Tiny Backyards That Will Make You Want To Downsize

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Small outdoor space isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Having even a little bit of it is already a luxury and can be turned into a gorgeous place of rest, party, and simply good time.

These amazing backyard ideas are enough inspiration to create your very own little patio, lounge, or garden.

White backyard

Light colors work not only indoors, but also outside. Paint your walls white and use light furniture to create airy space and let the light bounce off surface and create an illusion of bigger space.

White and green backyard

You don’t have to choose between having trees or a patio. Potted trees work great in tight spaces and the patio floors are easier to take care of than a lawn.


Speaking of floors, you can go a budget route or install something a bit fancy since the small area won’t cost as much. Also, string lights.

Narrow backyard

Even the narrowest of backyards can be used with a bit of planning. A corner seat works much better than a wall bench seat as it eats less of pathway space and also makes a great alternative to bulky chairs. The hanging macrame coffee table is simply out of this world.

Small backyard

Multiple levels is a good solution for small outdoor spaces as you can have a bit more greenery at the upper levels and a lounge or seating area at the botttom. Also don’t underestimate the besuty of vertical gardens.

Small white backyard

If you can’t have a pond, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a water feature that is very much similar to one. This water containermakes an absolutely gorgeous pond alternative that isn’t just beautiful, but is also easy to set up.

Backyard bench

Don’t really spend much time outside? You can still enjoy a low-maintenance garden and a bench for catching some fresh air or take a cigarette break.

So, what do you think about these tiny backyards?

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