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6 Types of Wooden Fences

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There are many options for making a wooden fence from the very simple, but nice and original, to the luxurious. The most common wooden fence can be built even by a novice master, if he knows how to deal with a hammer and a saw. Add a little imagination (or use any of the ideas) and you will get a real decoration for the garden.

6 Ideas of Beautiful Wooden Fences

Bright fence

Bright fence

Bright and fun

For those who love bright colors, have an outstanding sense of humor and want to create something extraordinary of available materials, multi-colored fence is a real gem. It can be made virtually of anything.

Simple but elegant

Those who prefer a low-key, quiet design in the spirit of classical garden traditions, also have plenty to choose from. Take discreet paint colors and shades, and focus on the elegance of shapes.


Want something more original? Let’s change the shape. For example, make vertical elements of different heights.

But in fact, who said that the elements of a fence must be fixed vertically? Build a trellis fence! It will be easier if the sections are not too cumbersome.


The idea to combine the fence and pergola deserves attention. If you like to use vines in garden design, including, for the fence decoration, such idea certainly will not leave you indifferent.

Good and reliable

Fences are often build not only for beauty, but with purely practical aim – to protect the territory and property from intruders. And the main criteria of such a fence are durability and reliability. However such a barrier also can be beautiful.

Country style

A garden in country style must have a relevant fence. Such fence, of course, does not hide anything and does not protect anyone. It only marks the boundaries of possessions. But in the appropriate environment such fence looks great.

Wicker fence is a traditional form of garden fence, rooted in antiquity. Nowadays, such a barrier looks impressive and stylish, and you can use it almost anywhere.

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