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6 Best Perennials for Pond Decoration

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June is a great time for planting aquatic plants. And so it’s time to talk about the plants that are best to choose for the pond decoration, to match the style of your site. We offer you 10 perennials, from which you can choose the most suitable for decorating of your pond.

Perennials for Pond Decoration: 6 Beautiful Plants




No other plant can match the beauty of nymphs or water lilies – one of the most beautiful aquatic plants. These are wild and white water lilies from natural reservoirs and varietal nymph with large flowers of wide variety of colors: white, pink, yellow, crimson. They bloom from June to September.

Acorus calamus

This plant forms spectacular groups, rising high above the water, with a spicy and pleasant smell. Strict linearity of the plants harmoniously fit in regular and landscape style garden. The plant creates a green or greenish-white scheme. It is decorative in any phase of growing.

Iris pseudacorus

It is a very showy aquatic plant of the Iridaceae family, quickly forming groups of lush greenery. It grows up to 35 inches, has 12-15 bright yellow flowers on one rhizome, that bloom in late May – July. Ensiform leaves up to 50 inches are decorative throughout the summer.

Calla palustris

It is a lovely exotic aquatic plant of the Araceae family, especially spectacular during the flowering period. Natural habitat is shallow water along the banks of overgrown ponds. Thick rhizome grows quickly. The plant can completely cover the area of ​​several feet during one summer.


It is beautiful background perennials. They are recommended for creating spectacular thickets over large ponds. They look harmonious along ponds in landscape style gardens. Their dense, dark brown inflorescences bloom in June-August.

Scirpus lacustris

This large plant with loose texture is better to use for decorating fairly large reservoirs. When planting small ponds they can be used in small groups, planted in containers.

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