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5 Types of Granite Pavers

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Granite is a natural stone that has been used for many years and is very popular in the market of construction materials. It is primarily known for its beauty and durability. There is no other cover for garden paths, including paving slabs and bricks, which can provide endurance comparable to granite.

Types and Features of Granite Pavers

Granite paving of chopped cobbles

Granite paving of chopped cobbles

Chopped cobbles

Chopped cobbles are most common, probably due to the affordable price. Most often chipped pavers consist of cubes, although there is another option such as rectangular. Such pavers are quite strong. Their single disadvantage is uneven surface.

Sawn pavers

To avoid these problems, you should give preference to sawn granite cobblestones, which have smooth edges. Such pavers have a higher price than chopped cobbles. This is due to the processing, which makes edged surface smooth. You can easily walk on such pavement even without shoes.

Stab-sawn granite setts

There is also a cross between them – stab sawn setts. They have rough sides and sawn upper and lower bounds. Such path will be comfortable for the foot, despite the fact that the lateral faces are not fit tightly.

And there is another option, when upper and lower bounds are chopped, while the sides are sawn. This will facilitate easy jointing tiles together without gaps.

Colored and curly pavers

Popularity of granite paths led to the appearance of colored options on the market, so that anyone can pick up the garden path that will fit to the exterior. Modern technologies allow to create decorative granite cobblestones. There are lots of options that allows you to make a garden path look individually, creating unique patterns and designs. The cost of this coverage is high enough.

Granite sifting

Using granite sifting expands the design possibilities of garden paths, but has its own characteristics. This path requires the mandatory use of curbs on both sides. Otherwise the granite will gradually unravel and track will lose its shape. The great advantage of such paths is their low cost, while maintaining the aesthetic appearance.

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