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5 Romantic Garden Decor Ideas

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Hot summer is coming soon. Many of us like to spend evenings outdoors in the summer. Therefore it is necessary to prepare the garden for a pleasant pastime. Today let’s talk about, how you can decorate the garden so that it could exude romance and tranquility.

5 Romantic Decor Ideas for Your Garden

Candles in garden decor

Candles in garden decor


Most people often associate candles with romance because of dim, barely noticeable light that they emit. Try to surround yourself with candles. For example, buy large garden candles, which last for a long time, and put them in front of the porch of your home.

If you have a fountain, a few buckets, or even just a large deep dish, fill them with water, and put some floating candles.


Lanterns will never be superfluous, if correctly placed or hung. On the contrary, they will create comfort, warmth and romance around you. Make a trail of garden lanterns, leading to your front door, or hang cute little bulbs on a nearby tree.


Bring quite a bit of immaturity in your garden and dwelt small statues or fountains in the form of angels, fairies or elves there. You can choose any small statues in the form of rabbits, dogs, or fairy tale characters. Arrange them around the site.

Decorative downspouts

There is probably nothing more non-romantic than drain holes in the territory of a country house. You can purchase an interesting decorative things invented specifically for such cases, and put them on the territory of your garden. Look for a beautiful decorative downspout.

Plant pots and planters

Surround yourself with plants. Buy or make by yourself interesting pots or planters for romantic flowers and plants. If you love to show imagination, try to make plant pots using absolutely anything from old bicycle or trolley to cans or casseroles.

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