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5 Impressive 3D Building Facades

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We are accustomed to the decoration of houses with different building and finishing materials – these materials are functional, have a wide color palette. However it is quite difficult to create a bright and truly unique look of the house. A house facade decoration by painting can revive the familiar and sometimes boring look of the house. One of the unusual types of façade painting is 3d graphics.

Impressive 3D Building Facades by Five Artists

3d facade from John Pugh

3d facade from John Pugh

We offer you 5 amazing 3d building facades for your inspiration.

House of Ciaran Brennan

Many of us would like to play in a home filled with balloons. Artist Ciaran Brennan has painted his house so that it looks from a certain angle like there are holes in the house with balls falling out of them.

Optical illusion by Aakash Nihalani

This optical illusion is made by the American artist ​​Aakash Nihalani. Aakash Nihalani is from Brooklyn. He uses a tape of bright fluorescent colors to create optical illusions using geometric shapes.

Original Sin from Sokram

This painting titled “Original Sin” was created by the artist Sokram for the festival «DesOrdes Creatives» in Ordes, Spain. He effectively used the existing structure of the building – doors and windows – in order to give the picture the illusion of depth.

3d facade from John Pugh

An artist from California John Pugh specializes in trompe l’oeil (trick of the eye). He creates extensive murals in public and residential areas around the world – from New Zealand to Hawaii. And many of them show the history of the area, where the mural is located.

Fresco from Richard Haas

This fantastic portico does not really exist! This is just a mural. It was created by an artist Richard Haas on the facade of the Brotherhood in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1983. Fresco is another great example of trompe l’oeil.

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