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5 Ideas to Add Brightness to Your Garden

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If you have a garden, and want brightness, turn on your imagination and embody the most colorful ideas in alliance with nature. Its green and brown shades are a great backdrop for palette of a bold artist. If in this case you want to remain within the boundaries of good taste and do not overdo the design with colors, use the authoritative opinion of decorators.

5 Great Ideas to Add Bright Accents to Garden

Colorful fence

Colorful decorative fence

Many decorators are sure that the best way to “turn on color” in the garden is small, but enough bright accents, scattered among the green or concentrated in the area of terrace.

Select elements of the garden, which can be painted in bright colors. The easiest and most economical way to add color accents is to paint existing objects in the garden. Depending on the available time, your experience, and the desired result, it may contain very different sizes, from small things like flower pots to large-size objects (fence, garden furniture or flooring on the terrace).

Colorful containers for flowers

Almost every garden has flowers, so bright containers for them will be a charming accent. You can use any pure shades for combination with small flowers or green plants. And choose harmonious colors to combine them with large flowers.

Bright fences and walls

You can always put a low decorative fence separating functional areas. And if there is a dull brick or concrete walls, you can paint some of them.

Arbors and pergolas

Any wooden elements in the garden eventually lose a fresh look. Try to paint them in bright colors! You will get a spectacular accent along with the updated appearance.

Walkways and paths

Continuing the theme of painting the wooden elements of the garden, we draw your attention to the decking terrace or patio (if you have them). Also it is possible to paint stone paths. And if you know how to work with tiles, learn the art of mosaic and decorate a small section with the colorful pieces.

Art objects

If you enjoy not only the brightness, but also original details. Surprise your guests with your handmade art objects. Bridge with railings, painted in red, will show your passion for the Far East. “Solar” mosaic on a heap of stones will confirm that you are a bright personality. Fabulous blue branches placed around a small pond in a chaotic manner, will delight children and fans of fantasy.

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