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3D Art in Your Back Yard

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What can be art for somebody somewhere there, outside, on the street, in the office, at home, or to you? Where would you find it, you never know, especially floor art, street art or 3D street art. Art is all around us, it is everywhere, on a building, in the office, in the streets, in your back yard, or a club. Art is a part of modern society, to give everything a unique touch, espeacially, 3D art.

3D Art in Your Yard

Watch Your Steps

Watch Your Steps

Hey, why not to install this in your back yard? Just simply draw it, and viola you have it. Yes, definitely it is not actually that easy to draw this three-dimensional picture. It is a work of a professional; however, no one will not make you not do this.

We have seen a good deal of 3D art in the past, a few street pieces that give the illusion of more than meets the eye, mostly constructed with chalk. However, we have not seen the style and approach applied to the home, and if you got the open floor plan, why not have a little fun with your setup? Get something that will attract your eyes in your own yard, especially with the thing that if you have enough space to create gorgeous illusive paintings.

The many artists in this Lens have taken it to the next level, now you can participate yourselves with the artwork instead of just looking at it. That is what floor art or 3D street art does; it makes the viewer’s interact in a fun way, which will make them appreciate the work even more.

Playground Rocks

Children's Joy

Children’s Joy

The children will be really the happiest children in the world to have this on the playground of the back yard. Even the most matured adult form the family would enjoy the time spent there.

Ninja Turtles

Ninja Turtels

Would like to have Ninja Turtles as your great guests? Why not, here they are. Get some cookies to treat your lovely guests.

Killer Whales

Killer Whales

This is very neat! I would love to play with these gorgeous animals. They seem to be aggressive animals, but they are not. They want to play with you.

Your Feelings

The feelings the images in this page give is amazing, sometimes you feel like you are looking from a high place, in others you are looking at a swamp, or your on top of a tiger riding it.



Well, Hello! Did you expect me to see here? Exactly, why not to have a real looking dinosaur in your yard and attract everyone to look at.

This type of art style gives new possibilities to the artist and each one is unique in its own right. If you are not the type to go into art galleries. Just find one of this beauty and enjoy. Do not forget to take a picture.

Road Pit

Road Pit

Well, this is something very interesting! If you do not want any cars go on this narrow road, then here you go, the solution of this problem. No traffic, no pollution! At least, here.
So far, the only the chance for the most of us is to admire and appreciate this style of artwork through pictures and videos, since there is not even one close to anyone in your area, may be.

You can try to become one of those amazing artists of the street art by practicing sketching your own designs and pictures in your back yard, and may be in front of your house. Sidewalk chalk is a great media for the beginners to start with. Who knows you might become one of those famous artists and become very popular. It is never bad to try something new, something unique, and incredibly appealing.

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