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30 Outdoor Room Designs

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Outdoor rooms are very popular these days, because they provide comfort of the indoors in the fresh air of the outdoors. Today we are going to explore 30 outstanding outdoor room designs, and maybe you will find the perfect decor just for your outdoors!

outdoor room designs

Tips on Amazing Outdoor Rooms

First of all, an outdoor room should serve its purpose of being an outdoor hangout place. Generally, it is an area that is transformed into a room with help of furniture and accessories. However, apart from being a hangout spot, it needs to portray the individuality of the house with certain details.


outdoor room designs

An outdoor room can have several purposes. General attributes of an outdoor room are: furnishings, privacy inclusions. Privacy could be provided by canopy shading, which can be DIY from drop cloth, if of course you have the proper four posts to make a canopy. With help of the same drop cloth you can make an outdoor movie room! To make an outdoor room comfortable use some throw pillows and cushioned furniture. Repurposed furniture can also be very useful in creating interesting outdoor spaces.

Colors and Patterns

outdoor room designs

It is important to personalize space by patterns and colors. Add a drop of color to the deck or patio for a dramatic effect with colorful pillows. A secret of creating a good outdoor room is to include greenery and flowers, which can also add a touch of color to the outdoor room. Create an interesting look with different levels of greenery, by including the climbing vines, the dwarf bushes and fragrant flowers all in one space.


Simplicity should be a crucial point in creating the outdoor room. Don’t add too many details, as they cloud the general impression of the room, and could ruin the concept. Instead opt to include fewer details, but with larger impact. Don’t forget that it is the outdoors after all, and make the outdoor view crucial here. Meanwhile, take a look at the inspiring outdoor room designs, we have gathered below!

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