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3 Fresh Ways To Introduce Water Features Into Your Backyard

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Outdoor water features are always awelcome addition. They are decorative and calming, perfect for creating an ultimate home retreat. But if you’re looking for something more fresh and exciting in outdoor water feature department, you may like these new ideas for your backyard.

Introduce Exciting Water Features Into Your Backyard

Terrace/Deck Pond

Deck Pond

A natural pond is suitable for certain kinds of backyards and gardens. Relaxed and informal a natural pond has its own unique charm and appeal. But then there is a terrace pond that is more designed, more formal, and simply more practical. It saves space in smaller yards while providing the similar properties of a water feature.

A terrace may be replaced with a deck or a bridge and the pond can be as big or small as you need  it to be.

Table Waterfall

Table Waterfall

A table fountain is something new and exciting. It features a running stream in the tabletop that falls into a pond or a pool of water. You may appreciate such closeness to water as you sit by the table drinking your favorite afternoon drink, talking to closest people, or simply contemplating life.

Water Wall


A water wall or rather a water curtain water feature is a showy, impressive fountain alternative. Instead of a wall fountain though look for a frame fountain that lets water flow like curtain rather than dripping off the actual wall. This way the focus is on the water rather than the wall material, which most often doesn’t show the dripping water.

These water features have variations as well so choose what suits your backyard best by size and style. Any of them will look impressive and fresh in your outdoors.

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