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15 Amazing Hot Tub Ideas For Your Backyard

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A hot tub is a luxury but let’s be honest, they could look better. That’s why it’s best to integrate it into a deck or some kind of an outdoor feature like a terrace or a pergola. Here are fifteen examples of how you can make a world of difference by designing your hot tub area.

Terrace hot tub


A deck or a terrace is a great way to build in a hot tub and also have some space to hang around it. It can also serve as a sun deck to enhance your experience.


Pergola is a great addition to the backyard in general but with a hot tub under it it becomes an ultimate relaxation area. It also makes for a great summer retreat as the pergola can provide not only sun protection but also some privacy.


A hot tub on a terrace surely is impressive especially in an appartment. It can definitely make for a nice party venue in both summer and winter.

Also stone built hot tubs though more expensive provide a luxurious look in the yard and garden.

Amazing Hot Tub Ideas

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