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Yard Silhouettes for Halloween

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For Halloween it is important to decorate your outdoor area as well as indoors. This post will present some unique yard silhouettes ideas.


Halloween Outdoor Decor

One of the most creative ideas is to include the Halloween silhouettes into your yard. This might seem like a pretty simple idea, but here is a step by step tutorial of creating creepy shapes for bright Halloween celebration.


Ravens always posed as mystic birds, and are associated with the most mysterious holiday. Let’s try to make a silhouette of this unique bird, which can be an example for other interesting shapes. For this project you will need 2 ‘x 2’ piece of plywood, jigsaw, fine- toothed wood-cutting jigsaw blade, electric drill with an extra-large drill bit, two 18″ wood landscaping stakes, pneumatic nail gun and nails, hammer, paintbrush, scissors, sanding block with 80-grit sandpaper, black exterior paint, raven template.


First of all, cut out the template of the raven and trace it to the plywood, then cut out the raven out of plywood using fine- toothed wood-cutting jigsaw blade. After you are done with template, drill out the eye. Then it is time to attach the raven template to the stake. This can be done by applying construction adhesive to the upper part of a wooden landscaping stake and attach the stake to the back of the raven’s legs. Then secure the stake with pneumatic nailer. The last steps include sanding the plywood raven, applying the black exterior paint and of course placing that raven in the yard. Inspired by the raven silhoutte you can create other interesting spooky silhouettes.

Halloween Silhouettes Decor

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