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Winterizing the Outdoor Shower

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Outdoor showers are a great way to cool down during the summer heat, however during winter time they need some basic care to endure low temperatures.


Tips for Caring for Outdoor Shower in Winter

With the coming winter you need to think of protecting each one of items in your outdoor area. One of the things you should think of is water accessories, specifically outdoor shower. With these easy tips your outdoor shower might be ready to use in minutes, when the summer comes. So, one of basic things to start off is to find the valves on the hot- and cold-water pipes that run to the outdoor shower. You need to turn the handle to the left until it won’t move, this way you would ensure that the water is turned off completely.


Next step is to drain the pipes of the outdoor shower, this is easy: just turn on the handles and let the water run. If you won’t do this, the accumulated water can freeze during cold temperature, expand and burst! The last thing is to take off the shower head by gently twisting it off the overhead pipe. So, now you have winterized your outdoor shower and preserved it from the bursting!

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