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Windows: Vinyl or Wood?

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Wood has been the most common material used in window frames throughout history. Even today, wood doesn’t fail to lose its appeal. Beautifully carved wooden frames are a sigh to behold and can give any property a substantial facelift. However there are two significant problems with wood: they are not very highly weather resistant and they are not cost effective.

Vinyl and wood windows pros and cons

For this reason, wood is fast being replaced by vinyl. Vinyl is basically poly vinyl chloride, a petro chemical with greater weather resistance, lighter weight and cost effectiveness.

How you make the choice between wood and vinyl is totally depend on your needs and requirements. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. This type of windows are widely considered as energy efficient and economically affordable. This may be true except the fact that vinyl itself is a non bio degradable product.

So how to choose the best vinyl windows? The best vinyl windows out there are likely going to have long-term performance and durability along with energy efficiency. Yes, the most important characteristic of this type of windows is their energy efficiency. This means customer will be saving extra money on heating bills later. An energy efficient window can do wonders for your heating utility bills.

And how will you choose the best vinyl windows for your home, officer workplace? There are four main things to look for in a vinyl window. The U- Factor determines the amount of heat escaping the window. This determines energy efficiency of the window. In the market have U – Factors below 0.35.

Next look for the solar heat gain coefficient or the SHGC which measures the amount of sunlight coming in. this must also be low in order to maintain good lighting conditions in the room and avoid solar glare. The visibility transmittance factor determines your level of privacy i.e. how much light escapes the window to the outside world. Usually, customers can decrease this value by a simple coat of pain on the window glass. Air leakage determines amount of air leaking into your room from the outside. This is especially undesirable in colder and harsher climates. So the air leakage factor mentioned on the window packing by the window manufacturer must be checked before making the purchase.

Remember, the simple rule to buying is to keep energy efficiency in mind. This is a long term benefit and an amazing way to save great amounts on your energy bills. So why not try an option that would not only be affordable but would help reduce later spending?

Some top window manufacturers are producing the best vinyl windows replacement and repair parts. In case of damage, you can look up for these parts online and order the parts. Top quality vinyl windows have very good durability which means they can be used over an extensive period of time and in harsher weathers too. To maintain a good, clean look, windows require regular cleaning.

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