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Williams-Sonoma’s Healthy Living Equipment Line

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Williams-Sonoma’s new line of healthy living equipment, appropriately called Agarian, has caught our eye since day one. The line aims to support a community of healthy living, and between the gardening tools, homegrown goodies, and lovely decor pieces, it’s hard to pick just one favorite product. With that said, here are 20 pieces from Agrarian that we totally dig.

Helpful and stylish accessories an gardening tools from Williams-Sonoma store

Cute Preserving Pickles Jars ($30, set of 4) make the whole process worth the work!

If you haven’t caught on to the kombucha craze, then this Kombucha Brooklyn Kit ($70) is a great way to start.

Cocktail Garnish Seed Bombs ($20) are such an awesome concept. These “throw and grow” balls produce a combination of herbs good for garnishing cocktails, juices, and teas, and for making simple syrups. We’d love to toss one of these into a simple cocktail for a twist.

We love the look of this Cedar Window Box ($100). It’s perfectly sweet for a front porch or kitchen window.

A Cedar Bed-on-Legs Kit ($300) is a bit of an investment for your garden, but it would be a great way to grow veggies in their own lovely home.

While basil is plentiful at your everyday farmers market, the Agrarian line offers a slew of fresh herbs for you to grow at home. This Organic Italian Oregano ($13) would be an pleasantly unexpected choice for a housewarming gift.

The classic vibe of this Haws Traditional Watering Can ($70) would make a perfect addition to any gardening collection.

Try this exquisite Vintage Galvanized Potting Table ($700) to form a special outdoor workstation for all your gardening endeavors.

There is something so elegant about the look of this Copper Hand Fork ($59). For an extra $7, you can have it monogrammed with your initials.’

If you’ve ever wondered what having your own honey at home would be like, then this Backyard Beehive Starter Kit ($180) is a great way to get started.

Sophie Conran Hand Pruners ($33) were designed specifically for a female grip.

Forget terra-cotta pots of the past, and say hello to these lovely Terra-Cotta Garden Markers ($24 for 6) for your grass.

Whether you want to use this Vintage Galvanized Seed Tray ($60) for its original purpose or as a piece of decor, it will make an agrarian statement in your casa.

If you’re looking for a new kitchen table, then try this Vintage Biergarten Table ($600), which reminds us of an old-school schoolhouse setup.

For all you city dwellers, the Garden Allotment Kit ($30) is a wonderful resource to get your thumb green despite your lack of space.

Painted steel Herb Pots ($30 for 3) would be a great addition to a kitchen window so you can always have fresh herbs on hand.

Light-blue Porcelain Berry Baskets ($12 and up) are an elegant but farm-inspired way to serve fresh berries to guests.

We adore the look of this Herb Drying Rack ($18) for an outdoor space. We can just smell all those lovely herbs now!

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