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What to Know before Adding Outdoor Tree Lighting

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Trees provide us with so much we take for granted. They give us shade, oxygen, beauty, and charm. Illuminating them at night can really showcase your landscape’s charm by opening up the scope of your landscape beyond your immediate outdoor space. Its also a great way to create beautiful landscape effects only outdoor lighting designers would place attention to. That’s why tree maintenance is so important. Let’s look at some precautions you can take to ensure your trees are in optimal health before installing outdoor lighting.

Tree lighting precautions

Tree health

Of course tree health is a critical factor in your decision to add outdoor lighting. After all, you won’t want to spend time and money on showcasing a rotted tree. That’s why it’s important to look for signs of a sick tree prior to the installation of tree lighting. There are many clues that can tell you if a tree is sick. One is to compare the volume of new leaf growth to that of the previous few years. You can also look for signs of loose or flaky bark, insect infestation, or fungus growth on the bark’s surface.


Are you sure your tree is getting the proper nutrients for optimal health? Proper nutrition is critical to maintaining the health of your trees. Since a soil’s mineral composition can vary widely, it’s important to have your soil tested before adding additional fertilization. This should be done by a professional arborist. Once tested the arborist can customize a fertilizer solution best suited to supplement the proper nutrients lacking in your soil.


Pruning is another great way of maintaining your tree’s health. If you don’t have experience with pruning, its best to contact an arborist to help. It’s important to only prune branches which need pruning. Any unnecessary pruning can result in damage to the tree. Who knows, you might learn a thing or two by hiring a professional. Then you can prune it yourself next time.

Outdoor tree lighting

By taking these precautions, you too can help keep your trees strong and healthy for years to come. Adding outdoor tree lighting can make your landscape feel much more special. It can breathe new life into your landscape with the dramatic effects only outdoor lighting can produce. No matter what type of outdoor tree lighting you choose, make sure it is in good health before taking on any tree lighting project.

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