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Using Clutter As Garden Accessories

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Cleaning up clutter can be daunting as well as liberating (once you actually get down to it). Who likes overcrowded spaces anywany. You can’t use them or find anything in them. So it’s time for the big clean up. Clutter can be sorted and reused and that’s where you can get absolutely unique garden accessories for free.

Clutter As Garden Accessories

Bird cage planter

There are many different things that could be found in a typical attic or garage. Some old boxes, pet beds or houses, bycicles, and children’s toys. But before you hurry to throw a garage sale make sure you don’t pass on an opportunity to create some unique decorations for your garden out of stuff you already have.

Bird Cages

Forget the classic hanging planters. You can create a beautiful centerpiece for your garden or porch with an old unused bird cage or several. These will especially look amazing with hanging and blooming plants.

Old Picture Frames

Old artwork or portrait frames can also help you create a highlight or two in your garden.

Pots & Pans

Old pots and pans, leaking buckets, kettles, and other kitchen utensils can easily be used to create a container garden.

Also everything from old bycicles to children toy cars can become creative planters. Chairs, sinks, and even bathtubs can also be used in garden decor. You can also use an old cabinet to create a patio bar or a wall storage where you can hide your garden tools. There are really limitless options of repurposing your old things from shoe planters to impressive wheel cart centerpieces or planter pedestals.

What have you upcycled or repurposed for your garden?

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