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Unusual Fire Pit Design Ideas

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Fire pit is a great outdoor feature especially for holiday get-togethers. Imagine friends and family gatjering around fire wrapped in blankets drinking tea and sharing stories. It is a great outdoor activity where you can spend quality time with your family without freezing off. There are a few ways to decorate your fire pit but if you still don’t have one there are quite a few design options to choose from.

Fire Pit Design Ideas

Tripod firepit

Pot on a Tripod

While a stone built fire pit is a popular choice we are suggesting looking into other options in case you want something less common. A pot fire pit on a tripod looks amazing and impressive. You can put it on your porch or terrace because the fire is contained in a pot. Tripods are usually used to hang actual pots or grill over a bonfire.

Bowl firepit

Bowl Fire Pit

A big bowl of glass or stones and fire looks charming. It’s an elegant alternative to those rusty metal fire pits and can be easily DIY with a concrete mix and two concrete molds.

Boulder firepit

Stone Fire Pit Revisited

Brick and stone fire pits that you usually see on Pinterest could look much more impressive if the stones weren’t so small and similar. Boulders and rocks can too if arranged correctly become a fire pit and even better one.

DIY firepit

DIY Fire Pits

What can be more unique than a DIY fire pit? If you aren’t good at working with concrete mix, you could create your very own fire pit out of a washing machine drum or a car wheel.

You can also find quite a few unusual designer fire pits for your backyard that will both suit your style and needs.

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