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Top 5 Yard Decorations for Christmas

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Decorating your yard for the Christmas season is half the fun of the holidays. Every year Christmas yard decor gets more and more elaborate and homeowners become more and more creative, but it can’t be done without all the new and fun yard decor available. Here are the top five yard decorations for Christmas this year and where to find them.

The most necessary outdoor Christmas decoration details

Animated Light Displays

Animated Santas, elves loading up the sleigh, dancing gingerbread men, and twinkling snowflakes are some of the favorite new Christmas decorations to add to your own yard. More than just a lit up figurine or blinking lights, the displays have more than one lighted section that light up in sequence and give off the appearance that they are moving. A huge catalog of new and favorite animated characters for Christmas can be found out Holidays With Lights ( and average $200 for a simple two scene display all the way up to over $1,000 for animations with up to four figures.

Lighted Christmas Reindeer Sculptures

Lighted reindeer sculptures add an elegant and festive touch to every yard during the holidays, and can be grouped alone or added to other Christmas yard decorations. Wire frame bodies covered in white lighting reflect well in the snow and at night, and because of their mesh frames are easy to set up and store. Individual reindeers can be added to your yard, or entire families, and spruced up with red bows or jingle bells around the neck.

Inflatable Christmas Yard Décor

Inflatable yard décor for Christmas has grown in popularity in the last few years because they fill the yard quickly and are easy to use and store till next year. Just about every Christmas character you desire can be found in inflatable form, and newer selections include more intricate inflatable figures that feature characters within each other in the form of snow globes and carousels. Because of the large size of the inflatable characters these yard decorations work well by themselves, but it is also fun to pair them up with other light decorations and figurines. (, $30-200)

Pathway Lights

Lighting up the path to your door can be fun with decorative pathway lighting in the shape of spiral trees, twinkling snowflakes or striped candy canes. Several light up strands can be hooked up together so that your entire pathway is illuminated. Light up stakes can also be used and are easy to set up by simply pushing the decoration into the ground. Home Depot carries several pathway lighting options at competitive prices in pack of four to six stakes each. (, $15-25)

Lighted Tinsel Decorations

The best thing about lighted tinsel decorations is that they can be enjoyed both during the day and at night when they are lit up. The tinseled characters are staked into the ground and come in both animated and stationary designs. The tinseled creations can be enjoyed in the daylight because they are entirely visible with the colored tinsel that makes them up, and in the evening the yard decorations can be lit up with the rest of your décor. (, $50-100)

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  1. michael olexa.
    November 10, 2013 at 9:06 pm

    where can you buy the lighted christmas reindeer sculpture. Yard decor #4

  2. Erin Brower
    November 11, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Dear Michael,

    You can go to to see and check their lighted reindeer sculpture.