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Tips on Garden Gnomes Placement

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Definitely, these small, cute creatures can bring life to flowers, grassy lawns and frutex. Garden gnomes have been “living” in our gardens since the mid-19th century and were originally made of ceramic. You may be surprised to find out pretty high prices of antique ones! But there are also many little fellows made from plastic. Your garden can be decorated by traditional gnomes or more creative and wacky ones.

Bring life to your garden with garden gnomes using our tips!

You’ve chosen the perfect garden gnome for your garden! Where to place it now? The little one’s placement is really essential because when the wrong placement method is used it will be harder to get the gnome to be visible. This makes it an important part of outdoor garden decorating.

Look for an open space for the little bearded creature placement. Especially, opt for spaces where there are not as many plants. So that your gnome will be more visible. Also, planting the gnome in areas where plants do not grow as tall will be useful so that the gnome will not be shaded by anything. But do not forget that the gnome shouldn’t be placed very close to the stems of any of the plants so that the plants would not lose any strength in their ability to grow. Moreover, if your gnome would stand next to the plant, it would be damaged and probably lose sunlight.


There is a great gnome placement idea – nest your little friend next to a big rock or stone in the garden. It will give the gnome something to stand on and generally creates a good view for the gnome. Both gnome and stone would complete each other as garden décor elements.

Next, you can place the gnome at the entrance to the garden! Little fella can be a symbol to show where the garden starts. In this case opt for a bigger gnome that is large enough to be noticed outside of the garden. Do not worry about the space – since the entrance will not have many plants it will be all right to place it here. In some cases garden gnomes can be also placed in parts outside of the garden. For example, a gnome can be a great décor element for the front porch near an entrance to the home. You can also put a gnome next to small bushes in the front of the home – this is definitely outside your garden. Oh, gnome can stand even near a mailbox!

Garden gnome placement is something to consider for outdoor garden decorating. Placing a gnome in a space in the garden that is open can be useful. Using a rock or an entrance can help, and even places outside of the garden can use a gnome. These are all great options to use for outdoor garden decorating and can make garden gnomes especially versatile for decorations.

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