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These Multifaceted Planters Are Modern And Cool

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These cool multifaceted planters look really modern and stylish. Called Steen the planters are made from glass reinforced concrete and were designed by architects Stefan Antoni and Greg Truen of SAOTA for Indigenus. Inspired by granite boulders  they are interestingly shaped and come in small, medium, and large sizes and black and white colors. Thanks to their waterproof seal the planters can also be used as water features/ponds. Or if you are eco-conscious you can plant succulents, cacti, and other drought-resistant plants in them and create your own waterless garden.

A planter is no longer merely a container for growing your weeds. It can be an accent, a decoration, a landscape object. It is incredible how many different designs are out there and they all differ in style and shape and size. So even if you lack outdoor space you can still decorate whatever piece of land you have with a bright or stylish planter.

Multifaceted Planters For Indigenus

Planter cluster
Greg Truen and Stefan Antoni of SAOTA for Indigenus

Two black and one white planter

Big planter

Planters of different sizes

Grouped panters
Photography by Martin Hahn, Styling by Genneth Lyn
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