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Tabletop Fountains

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Fountains are decorative pieces we typically see in squares and extravagant mansions. But today, these are not just ornaments exclusive to the rich and famous. For less than a hundred dollars, you can secure tabletop fountains for your home to add some elegance and a relaxing ambiance to your home. A tabletop fountain comes in a variety of styles so you do not have to worry about finding one that matches your home interiors. And if you have the right contact, you can actually have them customized so they meet your needs exactly.

Tabletop fountain ideas

You can have tabletop fountains shaped like rocks, plants or animals. Or get the provider to make you one that has a modern or religious design. You can even have them made out of pure marble or gold if you manage the fees. But whatever their form or size is, you can always count on them to provide the same amazing advantages.

First of all, they have been known to provide a stable means for relaxation. With it, you can manipulate the sound of water and use it to alleviate stress. Water is the easiest way you are ever going to tap nature in an urban setting. And with a tabletop fountain conveniently placed within your home or office, you can readily just drift off from your current worries and clear your mind. Water has also been known to have a cooling effect to the environment and this could definitely heighten your indoor experience.

Then, there’s also the fact that it can drown out noise from your surroundings. Apart from absorbing it, water also counters other sound by producing a calming white noise. With a small tabletop fountain, you can minimize the hum of technology, home appliances, as well as people’s chatter and give yourself a quiet space to think and rest. For someone who has a hard time sleeping, this can be very convenient.

The third advantage of tabletop fountains has everything to do with health. Obviously, with its ability to reduce your level of anxiety and promote better sleep, a fountain would enable you to live a more wholesome lifestyle. And since it can add humidity in a room and take out negative ions, thereby improving air quality, you will always feel invigorated and unsoiled.

As an added bonus, you can also mix scented oils to a tabletop fountain’s water and use it for aromatherapy. Coupled with some tantric music and yoga positions, you will be more than able to reinforce your well-being without paying for a spa or doctor’s appointment. This can also assist in eliminating unwanted smells within the home. As such, you will not only enjoy your time staying in your residence but also feel more comfortable and happy about your situation.

Of course, one cannot discount its contribution to the aesthetic value of the home. But that is a given with all types of fountains, not just tabletops. Perhaps, we can point out its functional simplicity as a fourth advantage given that you only have to plug it in and out in order to acquire all of the aforementioned benefits.

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