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Swimming Pool Floating Lighting Balls

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Swimming pool lighting

If you are looking for a creative lighting solution for your swimming pool the floating balls may just be what you need. These waterproof orbs with LEDs in them come in different sizes and colors and can be used in and outside the pool. Usually equipped with a remote control they make for a beautiful ambient lighting, perfect for summer evening poolside leisure.

While they do require charging before use that makes them a bit of a hassle to setup, they are a very good way to make your pool or lawn, yard, or even a room a bit more funky and surreal for special occasions. There’s an upside to charging them however, in that every time you’re setting them up you get to play with a lighting of a space you’re decorating by changing their placement and color, which can be a very rewarding creative process, which ultimately doesn’t cost anything. Because they’re waterproof they can be used throughout the whole year and even when not charged. They do look good so you can just leave them for a while to float or sit somewhere.


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swimming pool lighting

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