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Stylish Outdoor Decor Ideas

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Stay stylish in the sun with these chic outdoor decor items. Keep cool and comfortable in style while enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Create a captivating patio arrangement with the help of these fantastic outdoor decor accessories.

Modern outdoor accessories for having rest in the sun.

Recycled glass pitcher. The handblown pitchers are perfect for serving cool cocktails like fruit punch, margaritas and sangria. Made from recycled glass this outdoor serving piece is as eco-friendly as it is elegant.

Wood-slat double lounger. With room for two, comfortable double lounger is a durable and functional outdoor seating solution. Four adjustable heights take you from upright to horizontal, allowing for prime reclining.

Chip and dip tray. A hand-woven, convenient two-in-one tray that can hold both chips and dip is the perfect patio accessory. Mnay ones are moisture resistant and easy to clean, this tray makes snacking a snap.

Stone fire table. A sleek, elegant cast-concrete fire table offers a built-in, blazing centrepiece as well as ample tabletop space. Burn citronella gel fuel in the pit to keep bugs at bay.

Pivoting patio umbrella. This simple wide, cantilevered patio umbrella offers maximum sun protection. Made from durable acrylic canvas and aluminum, the umbrella can be pivoted 90 degrees without moving from its spot. ($349 US,

Illuminated plant pots. Providing both illumination and a place for plants, such light pots offer a soft, soothing glow. Install a colored bulb in the base to create a unique ambiance.

Outdoor thermometer. An outdoor thermometer is a practical piece of outdoor decor.

Shell birdhouse. Made of natural shells and designed to imitate the shape of a swallow’s nest, this beautiful birdhouse makes an elegant outdoor display. Fill with natural bird feed to encourage winged visitors.

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