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Removing Rust off Weathervane

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The weather conditions can cause much trouble to a weathervane either on the roof of your house, or in your garden. Generally, a weathervane is simple to install, but the challenge lies in constructing the weathervane to endure adverse climate throughout decades of use. When iron starts to corrode, it forms rust, a substance that often causes unsightly brownish stains. If you accidently brush up against a rusty surface, you will be rewarded with a laundry stain.

Pick Monkeys Weathervane

Pick Monkeys Weathervane

Weathervanes seem to really take the brunt of the weather elements. Many weathervanes eventually will rust through and lose the ability to work or may fall apart all together. It will be a shame to lose your weathervane. There is no reason to not save the beauty of our house with a little time and effortin a couple of days. With a few steps, you can clean, polish and paint a weathervane so it keeps its character for a few extra years.


  • Scrub the rust away.

The first and quite obvious step is simply scrubbing the weathervane. There are several items that will help you scrub it. Steel wool and sandpaper allow you to scrub around the weathervane and do detail work. Combining with scrub brushes with brass or still bristles that can get deep rust with a few swipes, you can get the majority of rust off the weathervane.

  • Phosphoric acid.

Phosphoric acid is found in most auto or hardware supply stores. It gives an extra method of getting off stubborn rust without straining. After you apply phosphoric acid and after it reacts with the rust, wash with water, and wipe off in a smooth move.

  • Further rust prevention

A coat of anti-rust primer gives an extra layer of protection, although the rust certainly adds character to a weathervane. Sometimes it is desired to have a rusty look for the weathervane, a layer of oil-based bronze or aged metal gives it character.

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