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Planning Gazebo

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If you build a gazebo in your backyard it will give you opportunity to enjoy summer mornings with a cup of coffee and Sunday afternoons with the family. It can also complete the image of your home. If you are thinking about building a gazebo, you have to plan it deliberately; it will give you a good idea of what you will need andhow much money you’ll spend.

Gazebo planning ideas

Why do you need a gazebo?

When deciding where to build your gazebo, first determine how the gazebo will be used. Consider whether you will use the gazebo as a gathering area for neighbors and friends or as an escape from the hustle and bustle of weekly commitments. If it is to be used as an escape retreat, don’t build it right outside the back door. Consider what time of year and what time of day you will use the gazebo and how the sun will affect it. Your gazebo should not require a building permit if it is under 110 square feet, but check local building codes to be certain.

Choose a gazebo foundation

Select the type of foundation you would like for your gazebo. A solid foundation will provide a level floor for the gazebo. If you do not have a level floor, the gazebo measurements will not match when you build the walls and roof. The size of the gazebo will help to determine the type of foundation to use. Smaller gazebos can be assembled on patio stones. In situations in which the ground is uneven or slopes, you may have to use cinder blocks. Other things to consider when selecting a foundation are drainage, how you intend to use the gazebo, design specifications and municipal bylaws. Larger gazebos (the size of a garage or cabin) will require a concrete pad to give adequate support to the gazebo.

Opting for a gazebo landscape

Determine how you would like to cultivate the landscape surrounding the gazebo. Flowers and shrubs can complement the gazebo design and add to its attractiveness. Consider laying a flagstone pathway to the gazebo. Strategically place trellises, wind chimes, lights and birdhouses around the gazebo. A couple of wood and iron benches would also look nice.

Gazebo design

One of the most enjoyable stages of planning is choosing the style or design of the gazebo. Select an enclosed gazebo with French doors and attractive windows. It could be used as a breakfast room or office. Choose a Japanese gazebo for a teahouse and add a hot tub and a two-tiered roof. Add arches, steps and spindle rails to the gazebo. Use brass or pewter hardware to dress up the design.

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