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Outdoor Window Trim Ideas

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Outdoor window trims play an important role in protecting the inside of a building from the elements and sealing the window in place. The trims also play a decorative roll in a home’s appearance. While traditional trims blend seamlessly with the house, you may want something unique that makes your home stand out from the crowd. Add distinctive elements to your existing window trims that are sure to draw attention to your home.

Exterior window design ideas

Gingerbread house style windows

Tiny gingerbread houses may have ornate details made from candy and other edible delights around their windows. Model your entire home to look like a gingerbread house or just add details to the window. Measure the length and height of your existing trim and cut scalloped edges from plywood. Paint the plywood either white, to resemble icing, or to look like candy, such as red and white striped mints. Nail the unique trim up around your windows. Use this for temporary holiday décor or as permanent fixtures.

Window shutters

Shutters are one of the most common types of exterior window treatments. Shutters are made with a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl, composite or metal. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so something is likely to fit your home. Some shutters are fixed onto the outside wall of your home, while others can be opened and closed.

Colorful windows

Exterior window trims are traditionally one color, matching throughout the house. For a different look, try adding some color. Regardless of your existing window trim materials, add colorful paint. If your trim is brick, paint each brick an alternating color, working your way around the window border. Another variation would be to paint each window trim a different color to give your home an eclectic appearance.

These old window boxes…

For exterior window trims still unique, yet have an element of tradition, incorporate window boxes onto the trim. Build a wood box with an open top that spans the length of your window bottom. Nail it to the window. Either place a plastic liner inside, or fill the box itself. Decorate the box with paint or let it blend in. While one window box on a home is nothing out of the ordinary, when each window in your house has a box overflowing with lush plants, it creates a distinctive look.

Window mosaics

Turn your exterior window trims into a work of art and give your home a whimsical appearance by making mosaic window trims. Start by using traditional wood trims, painted and properly caulked. Once the paint dries, apply a layer of exterior mosaic cement onto one of the pieces of wood. Press the tiles of your choice into the cement, arranging them into a pattern or picture form. Repeat the process on each window side until you fill the trim.

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