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Outdoor Wall Fountains Ideas

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Fountains are a great way to bring home the pleasant sound of water. Water trickling down the fountain creates soothing sounds that help block off unwanted background noise and put you at peace. Waterfalls also produce negative ions which are tiny electrically charged particles that help focus your mind and make you feel relaxed. Such ions also remove impurities from the air, alleviating allergies and reducing air pollution.

Information on outdoor wall fountains

If this is not enough, fountains can also add a striking decorative touch to any indoor or outdoor area. Whether it’s a large dramatic fountain or a convenient wall fountain, it will make a unique and dramatic statement, sure to enhance any setting. The dynamic visual display of a fountain provides you with something different to look at each time, unlike a photograph or painting which will look the same day after day.

For those of you who feel you don’t have enough room for a fountain, it does not mean you have to completely rule out the possibility. Your next best option is a wall fountain. A wall fountain is literally hung up on the wall of your deck, patio or any other room and requires hardly any space. If you’re looking to embellish an area with limited floor space, hanging a wall fountain is the solution. It is also an excellent choice for adding focus to a dull, empty wall.

Another reason why you may want to opt for a wall fountain is if you have pets. Pets may consider a ground level fountain as a bath tub or pool, but with a wall fountain the water is out of their reach.

Wall fountains can be found in a wide variety of materials. They are mostly made from bronze, copper, fiberglass, granite, marble, stone, slate and steel. Many of the popular wall fountains are crafted with copper and stainless steel. Whatever material you choose, make sure it is protected or have it clear coated in order for it to last longer, especially if you will be placing the wall fountain outdoors. Each wall fountain comes self-contained with suitable hosing and its own pump engineered with the cord coming out of the back so it can be easily connected to a power source.

Just like any other fountain, there are many styles available when it comes to wall fountains. They range from the traditional-style sculptures to the more contemporary metallic pieces. What’s important is to choose a wall fountain that best fits with the style of your deck, patio, or room design. Make sure to take the style of your furniture and the room’s colors into consideration.

The entry way, living room, family room, dining room, deck and patio are the best places for a wall fountain since they are the most popular areas of the house for both the family and visitors. Anyone going by and viewing your wall fountain will be impressed as it gives off an aura of luxury and serenity. It helps to walk around the home, starting from the front door, and to look for a big empty spot on a wall. Or, if you have an area that’s boring or incomplete, shift the focus away and create an eye-catching focal point to disguise the area you’re unhappy with.

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