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Outdoor Shade Canopies for Different Occasions

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There are canopies available in the market that cater to the various needs of different customers. Cars can also be protected from the ultraviolet rays of the sun by using such shade canopies. Instead of building a permanent fixture for providing shade to your car, you can set up a canopy. Suitable outdoor shade canopies can also used for camping. One should consider his needs and also the budget before buying an outdoor canopy.

Choose a canopy to your taste and needs!

Canopies for weddings

Wedding canopies are definitely one of the most popular lines of canopies out there. Many couples often have canopy tents in their venues like those held in the beach, garden or their own yard. These canopies are easy to assemble with enough room for guests to move and dance around. They’re very easy to assemble too. The best part is they’re definitely more affordable than paying for hotel reservations or booking a restaurant.

Canopies for birthdays

Whether it’s a kiddie party or one for adults, you’ll definitely find canopy tents an ideal venue for all your partying. Kids will surely enjoy the open space since they can play and chase each other around. You can even decorate these outdoor shade canopies according to the theme of the party. You can hang decor on the steel frame or tape them in the canopy walls. You can even let the children play some party games.

Camping canopies

At the campsite, a canopy can be used for several purposes. A shade area for relaxing on your camp furniture or hammock. Placed over a picnic table or cooking area. Canopies can even be placed over smaller tents to help keep them cool.

Canopies for big parties

Christmas, New Year and other special events are often celebrated by companies. It’s the best time for employers to party and mingle with their superiors. Though most companies prefer having private parties in fancy hotels there are still those who prefer celebrating outdoors. They set up canopy tents in beaches, parks, or outside their building as long as there is ample space.

Canopies for funerals

Did you know that outdoor shade canopies are also ideal in funerals? There are times when the weather gets hot or when it’s raining and you can’t postpone the funeral. The most practical thing to do is use canopies to keep your selves protected from these weather elements. You can go on with the whole ceremony and never have to worry about the weather.

Canopy tents are just what you need when celebrating memorable events. They’re an excellent investment since you will always find use for them. You can store them after the event and take them out again when you need them. They’re sure to last for years especially with proper care and handling.

How to choose a canopy:

  • Decide what purposes you will be using your canopy: camping, parties, fishing, weddings, business….
  • Calculate the size needed: Will you have a table, chairs or just standing room. A general rule of thumb is about 8 square feet of space to move around comfortably. Large outdoor events may require the larger party tents.
  • What type of fabric is best for you: canopies come with different fabrics such as nylon (most popular), canvas and vinyl.Canvas canopies are probably the most durable and heavy, vinyl are completely waterproof, but do not like to be folded repeatedly, nylon canopy tops are treated to shed water, can withstand repeated folding without too much trouble.
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  1. Having a beach canopy
    July 4, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    There are lots of imaginative ways to send an invitation, mainly for a beach wedding.
    Yet depending on the geographic area, ask yourself how often could you experience more extreme weather.
    Our friends are vegetarians so planning the menu was a little more challenging for me than typcially.