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Outdoor Power Tools You Need to Have Right Now

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Having the right power tools can make an inexperienced handy man become an expert outdoorsman in no time. With the right equipment and a little help from modern age influences, you, too, can reach a certain level of craftsmanship and transform your backyard or your garden into an oasis of marvelous proportions.

These days, finding the perfect tools for an outdoor project becomes fairly simple. You can just go online, browse through a number of products, and compare which type is better. Websites nowadays also feature an easy-to-navigate interface that allows you to organize your ideas and determine the essentials from the alternatives. A large multi-channel retailer in the UK even offers a next day delivery option so it’ll be like buying all the equipment you need without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Having said that, here are some power tools you need to have immediately:

Pole Saw

Pole Saw tool

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A pole saw helps you clip hard-to-reach areas in the backyard like tall shrubs and trees. When investing on one, it’s important to consider the weight and the handle, as you’ll mainly work with this overhead. Also take into account the pole’s length so you’ll have an easy time operating this tool.

Garden Auger


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Some garden augers have bulb-size models that are attached to an electric drill, while the bigger ones are used for placing shrubs and trees. As a rule of thumb: drill attachments are ideally used with electric cords, but for battery-operated versions, pick one that has at least 18 volts of power.

Battery-Powered Edger


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Battery-powered edgers give you a sense of freedom when trimming the lines between your lawn and your walkway. Moreover, it’s more comfortable to use and has less vibration compared to its electric-powered counterpart. Basically, a battery-powered edger is more apt for simple and small lawns.

Electric Blower

Electric Leaf Blower

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Retire your old rake and opt for an electric leaf blower to do the job of cleaning your backyard. Backpack-type blowers are generally easier to use, especially if you have a large garden, but handheld models are often times the more popular choices because of its convenience. Look for one that does other jobs like vacuuming and leaf shredding so you can get more out of your buck.

Power Washer

Pressure Washer

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With the right power washer, you can blast dirt and grime from those tight areas outside. It’s also important to know the differences of hot and cold washers. The former is more expensive yet better in terms of cleaning extremely filthy areas. In addition, choose a gas-powered one over an electric type for long-term purposes.

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