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Outdoor Mirrors

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People used to see and have the mirror indoors as décor, but does everybody have the mirrors outdoors? Have you ever thought about the way you could decorate your outdoors with the mirrors? Outdoor mirrors bring your garden and yard to life.

Centurion Illusion Garden Mirror

Illusion Garden

Illusion Garden

This outdoor décor adds a new dimension of space and light to your outdoor area.
It is lightweight, shatterproof acrylic mirror safe around children and animals. A warm mocha color can complement any setting of any garden.

Garden Mirrors

Garden Mirror

Garden Mirror

The ideal solution to make any space look bigger than it actually is. Garden designers have adopted this Interior Designer trick and taken it outside. We are seeing more and more outdoor mirrors being used to reflect the most attractive aspects of a garden and add depth to borders. The Grange Tudor style leaded mirror is a beautiful example.

Deck Mirror Wall Decor

Deck Mirror

Deck Mirror

This mirror designs are a great addition to a deck, particularly, if the deck is looking toward the sea. It will reflect the whole beauty of the water and all the surrounding.

Rustic Look

Countryside Look

Countryside Look

Let your garden or yard look a bit rustic. Let yourself feel like being in the countryside, having the mirror in this kind of frame that gives that feeling.

Mirror at the Entrance

Entrance Mirror

IEntrance Mirror

Let guests see themselves in the mirror while you are getting ready to open the door for them.

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