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Outdoor Flower Pot Ideas

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Although there are many unique flower pots available commercially from garden or hardware stores and big box home improvement outlets, anything that is capable of holding potting soil can easily be transformed into a unique flower pot. With a little creativity, some gardeners have transformed found items into unusual accents that become focal points for their themed garden.

Unusual flower pot ideas

Tires Flower Pots

Old tires make an environmentally friendly container for a larger plant such as a tree or shrub, or a group planting of herbs or flowers. Using a tire as a flower pot spares that tire from becoming part of a local landfill or polluting the environment if it is burned. A tire flower pot can be left as it is, decorated with paint, turned inside out to resemble a vase, or slit open and turned inside out to look like a tulip or tropical bird.

Shoes and Boots Flower Pots

Shoe flower pot

Work boots have a special kind of charm for garden planters. A pair of old plastic green garden boots that you have worn through can continue to serve the garden when filled with pink petunias or vines such as black-eyed Susan that contrast with the boot color. Cowboy boots filled with sand and cacti or hens and chicks make an interesting focal point in a southwestern garden. Unusual shoes such as Dutch wooden shoes can also make interesting garden accouterments.

Galvanized Watering Can Flower Pots

An old, leaky galvanized watering can that is used to water plants can take on a second life as a planter when filled with dirt. The leaks that make the watering can unsuitable for planting are ideal for drainage holes to allow extra water to escape from the can. Trailing plants such as petunias look good spilling out of the spout of the watering can as well as its mouth.


Any item that is capable of holding soil can be transformed into a container. Items such as old bathtubs or wash basins, crockery or cast iron Dutch ovens that you find in antique stores, garage sales or flea markets can be turned into unique planters for your yard.

Bread Wrappers
Bread wrappers are not containers that are meant to be seen. Instead, when planted with annuals that form dense ground covers such as petunias, the container disappears. These pillowlike containers can be tucked into corners or placed along patio steps for immediate cover. At the end of the season the spent potting soil and wrapper can be thrown away.

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