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Outdoor Floor Lamps

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Outdoor lighting is as important as the outdoor space and the exterior of the house are. It gives an interesting and an attractive atmosphere to the outdoors. The outdoor floor lamps will do this great and unique job. These lamps will make your exterior design beautiful and you home a dream home. Outdoor lighting is no longer functional decoration; it is important to help you find your way to the front door.

Outdoor Floor lamps

Floor Lamps

This lamp is a modern lighting design outdoor accessory that can be the right solution to make your exterior design appealing. This looks minimalist, modern and elegant that can create a comfortable home life and contemporary atmosphere. The design of this lamp is also a means of mood.

Halley Floor to Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

The Halley floor lamp is one of five cool outdoor lighting fixtures featured by Spot Cool Stuff. It is not hard to see why. Flexible, modular arcs of light shine down upon your outdoor scene. In addition, the whole lamp is waterproof, not to the point, you would want to throw it into the pool, but you can leave the Halley Floor to Floor Lamp outside in the wind, cold and rain.

Spherical Cap Shape Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

Spherical cap shape outdoor floor lamp made from porcelain stoneware and polyethylene. This table lamp is versatile, can act as a small illuminated outside table or it can be tilted with a maximum 15° angle to increase the light intensity.

Yo-Yo Lamp

Floor Lamp

Yo-yo is a playful floor light for indoor and outdoor use. Roll it away or wind it up and the 16m long red cable will stretch and fold according to your wish, just like the yo-yo gadget.

Great JJ floor lamp

Floor Lamp

The Great JJ floor lamp was designed by Centro Stile. The Great JJ Floor Lamp takes the ordinary table lamp design to an extraordinary level. Made entirely of aluminum, this large floor lamp is available in two finishes and three colors. The floor lamp is a remarkably fully adjustable light. The sheer scale of the floor lamp can light up an entire room.

Foscarini Solar Outdoor Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp

Solar is a new type of object, a contemporary hearth around which to gather and chat, at home or outside.  The hemispherical body, made of polyethylene, is stable even when it is tilted by 15°.  The angling determines the quantity of light diffused, allowing multiple effects and atmospheres to be created.

Outdoor Lamp as Well as a Seat

Floor Lamp

This amazing outdoor floor lamp offers you both, an elegant lighting fixture and a seat too. Accommodating a maximum of 150kg, you are sure to set the party mood to another level. Your guests will be delighted to move around and see people seating at something that lights up at the same time. Moreover, here is more, this outdoor floor lamp also comes with various lighting kits, letting you interchange the shades and colors to blend perfectly with your event.

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  1. bonnie bullivant
    November 20, 2013 at 12:35 am

    please tell me the availability and cost of the Halley arc lamp. thank you

  2. Erin Brower
    November 22, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Dear Bonnie Bullivant,

    Please see the link below. You will find all the neccessary information there.

    Thank you.