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Outdoor Fencing Ideas

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When you start selecting a fence, you should first consider what will be the function of the fence. Some fences are made to contain children, dogs or other animals. Other fences are built for privacy, to screen out ugly views or prying eyes. Some fences are purely ornamental and are a nice touch to a home. Whatever type of fence you are looking for, there are plenty of options available.

Ideas for fencing your house

Alumunium fence

Aluminum fence is obtainable in a ample variety of designs from basic to decorative. If you desire to do more than put border for your property line, choose an aluminum fence. It looks like old iron fences with exclusive rails and posts. But not like iron, aluminum fence are more lucrative and not as hard to fit. When you are searching for the greatest in rust free fencing, alumunium fence is one of your finest options.

Picket Fence

The picket fence is one of the most popular styles for a home. These fences are often put up along the periphery of a person’s yard. They are typically made of wood and are often painted white. Picket fences consist of vertical wooden slats with two horizontal slats running across to hold the fence together. Although this fence can work to contain dogs or to make sure children do not get into the street, it is not the best option for privacy.

Chain Link

Although chain link fencing might not be the most aesthetically pleasing style, it is extremely functional. Chain link fencing is often used to create pens for animals, but you can use it in your yard as well. Chain link is much less expensive than a wooden or wrought iron fence, so some people use it to fence large spaces. If you don’t like the look of the chain link, plant some vines that will grow over it and produce colorful flowers.

Privacy Fence

Privacy fencing is a high fence, between 6 feet and 9 feet tall. They consist of wooden or vinyl slats that are placed right next to each other with no space between them. Privacy fences can be painted white or any other color, or you can leave the wood natural. Choose this type of fence if you want to block a view or make sure your backyard is kept private.

Wrought Iron

A wrought iron fence is a more expensive and more decorative option than other fence options. These fences are typically lower, between about 3 feet and 5 feet tall. They consist of iron poles cemented into the ground and often feature intricate scrolling or other details, such as fleur-de-lis. Select this fence if you are not too concerned with privacy or containing animals, but want to add a decorative touch to your home.

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