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Outdoor Christmas Flower Decorating Ideas

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During the Christmas season, homes are filled with pine trees, various ornaments, glowing candles and other holiday-inspired items, while their exteriors are strung with lights and emblazoned with inflatable snowmen and Santas. In mild climates with relatively warm winters, it is also possible to use flowers as outdoor Christmas decorations.

Amazing flower decortaion ideas for Christmas

Fresh Flower Christmas Wreaths

Use a floral foam wreath form that has been saturated with fresh water to create a Christmas wreath of fresh flowers of your choosing. Try inserting a combination of red gerbera daisies, white hydrangeas and green pine boughs into the foam wreath form. Add a festive bow to the floral wreath, and hang it on your front door. Provided it does not freeze, the fresh flower wreath can last several days.

A Christmas Arbor of Climbing Roses

If you live where roses bloom during Christmas, such as Southern California, consider placing a Christmas arbor of climbing roses in your front yard. Position the arbor over the walkway leading to your front door. Several months in advance of Christmas, train climbing roses in red or white to ascend both sides of the arbor and cover its top. You may add a string of twinkling lights to the rose arbor for added effect.

Potted Poinsettias

Potted poinsettias are common during the Christmas holiday, and many people keep them indoors. Try lining the pathway leading to your front door with pots of poinsettias. This vibrant display of traditional Christmas flowers will lend your home’s exterior a decidedly festive appearance.

Containers of White Lilies

White lilies reflect the grace and serenity with which many associate the Christmas season. White Casablanca lilies are especially impressive with their large blooms and heady, strong fragrance. If you live in a mild climate, place white lilies in pots or planters and position them on your front porch, patio, walkway, or in another outside place. Add large red bows to each pot or planter of white lilies to emphasize the holiday-inspired look.

Flower and Pine Garlands

You can obtain long garlands of pine from a florist or floral supply retailer. Embellish the pine garlands with the blooms of various flowers, such as red roses and white lilies. Attach the blooms to the garlands with green floral wire. Hang the floral garlands over your front door, above your exterior windows, from your front porch cover, or any outside place you think fit. If temperatures stay above freezing, the pine garlands will last for several days; the attached flowers will last for a few days.

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