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Ornaments For Every Garden

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Garden ornaments will turn your landscaping into a magical and fascinating place. They can help make a dull corner turn into a spectacular focal feature. Garden ornament can be used as focal points in your gardens. There are various different types of ornament garden features which come in loads of shapes, sizes, forms and colors. Over the next paragraphs we will discuss the many types of garden ornaments and their features and benefits.

Garden ornaments for your garden

Garden statues

Garden statues are a great garden ornament which can be found in many delightful and imaginable shapes and sizes. They range from mythical elves to life size human statues to angelic and biblical figures. These types of garden ornaments will add color and design elements to your yard and garden. Garden statues can be made to stand alone or they can be built into your garden, with the use of ornament moulds. Other types of garden statues come with interesting elements such as; fountains and bird baths. They can be made from many type of material such as; cast stone, concrete or cement. It is your choice. One of the benefits of garden statues is that homeowners are able to incorporate the same landscaping design theme by using garden statues which best suits the design theme, such as japanese garden ornaments.

Garden planters

Garden planters come in a huge assortment of man made and natural materials which include; stone, terra cotta, pottery, ceramic, polyethylene, brass, wrought iron, concrete,wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Garden planters are great garden ornament which can be featured in your garden, pool area or patio. There are many types of plants which are suitable to be planted in a garden planter. Garden planters create beauty to front and back gardens and they are great when 2 or more are used in the same area because they will create color, life and beauty.

Garden fountains

Fountains can make a bold statement in the garden, greeting visitors as they first enter or tucked away in a quiet corner among the flowers. Fountains create a sense of tranquility and serenity in a garden. The music of the water enhances the senses and makes the area more peaceful. Fountains come in many different themes. They can have contemporary shapes such as orbs, boxes or copper tubing or shaped as Greek gods or English three-tiered fountains. Fountains can be simplistic or extremely detailed.

Garden gnomes

A garden nowadays just is not complete without a garden gnome. This type of garden ornaments is dwarf like creatures which are believed to bring good luck to your garden. Garden gnomes are created in small, medium and large sizes with many very different gnome themes such as; hugging trees, pushing wheel burrows, holding garden equipment, and feeding birds and other garden animals. Garden gnomes are generally hand crafted and made from clay. They are painted in many gorgeous and bright colors. They will create a stunning and colorful look throughout your landscaped garden.

Garden rocks

Garden rocks are used throughout residential landscaping as garden ornaments to recreate a natural environmen, particularly for water ornaments and featurest. Garden rocks are available in multi colored sizes and shapes. They also are available in pebbled shapes and sizes. Garden rocks are great cover ups for areas where cords and piping is seen throughout your landscaping. They can be made to create stepping stones or built around your pond.

Garden wind chimes

Wind chimes are the perfect garden ornament. They create peaceful and enjoyable sounds especially in busy areas. Wind chimes are available in many different materials which include; aluminum, pewter, bamboo and glass. Each types of wind chime will offer a different tone and sound. The sounds which wind chime garden ornaments make ranges from gentle tinkling to large and long lasting gongs. Wind chimes can be hung in the garden just about anywhere possible.

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