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Original Beach Umbrella with Lighting

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Holidays in the Maldives in a five star hotel and prolonged sunbathing turned a Korean designer Terry Chow to an invention of a different function for a classic beach umbrella. One day Terry Chow sat up on the beach and watched the sunset. The last rays of the sun reflected from the dome of a parasol. He was surprisingly observing how it was filled with light. So Terry Chow came up with an idea to find a beach umbrella with backlit.

NI Parasol: Original Beach Umbrella with Lighting

NI Parasol  by Terry Chow

NI Parasol  by Terry Chow

He did not find such an umbrella, so Terry Chow decided to do it by himself. As conceived by the designer, such an umbrella should serve during a day and night to protect from the sun and illuminate the pitch darkness. Thus the project NI Parasol was born.

It looks as normal parasol during the day. And at night it turns into a burning torch. The spokes of the umbrella are fitted with LEDs. The glow of the upper spokes are a bit brighter of the lower ones. The top and bottom spokes of the dome can be switched on both together and separately. The umbrella is also lit when folded.

NI Parasol  by Terry Chow

NI Parasol  by Terry Chow

Light intensity is regulated by the OTD dimmer with One Touch: an umbrella can light up like a candle, burn like a torch or convert into a cozy shaded lamp that hangs over the dining table.

Terry Chow is confident that his NI can be put not only on the beach, but also on the outdoor terrace of the restaurant, in the park, in the garden, in short, wherever there is a place of sun and light.

In anticipation of the commercial success the NI Parasol collects design awards. One of the most prestigious is Red Dot 2014. The Jury evaluated the trending potential of the umbrella-lamp and its low power consumption.

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