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On Landscape Rake

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When you think about a landscape rake, if you think of one at all, you probably think that they are only for professionals. And it’s true, there are many uses for these types of rakes and many professionals who use these rakes. But, even for the average homeowner, having a landscape rake can be a helpful tool for a lot of property chores. There are actually many different types of rakes that can all fall under the name “landscape”. Each of them are good for one aspect of yard, and even home, maintenance.

Some of the most common uses of a landscape rake:

  • For anyone who has a large field or pasture, you know how challenging it can be to keep the debris and weeds under control. A wide toothed rake can help make the job much easier. There are many models that can be towed behind a tractor.
  • If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, there are long handled rakes that make it possible for you to safely remove the snow from your roof.
  • No climbing up on a slippery, wobbly ladder. Just reach up with the rake and pull the snow off.
  • If you live near a shoreline such as at a beach or on a river or lake, you can get a rake that will help you control the weeds. You can also get rakes that make it easy for you to groom the sand and remove debris. These rakes are great for sand traps on golf courses too.
  • Many people have gravel drives or gravel roads that they must keep maintained. A rake can make that job much easier. Whether you are just fixing a spot here and there or if you are completely redoing the whole drive, having the right tool for the job will make it easier and faster.
  • If you are putting in a new lawn you can find rakes for that too. You will need to remove all the rocks and get the soil as smooth as possible before you seed.
  • And, as with many of these jobs, you can get a rake that can be attached to the back of a tractor to make the job easier.
  • Basically, no matter what the job is, you can find a landscape rake that is up to the task. Whether you choose the type that can be pulled behind a tractor or the manual one, there are so many models and types of rake available, you might just need more than one!

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