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‘Off The Grid’ By McSwain & Chambard

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If you enjoy spending time outdoors and particularly like camping, then you might already have some equipment for the outdoor activities. Frederick McSwain and François Chambard have designed an amazing collection of accessories dedicated entirely to outdoor equipment and their alternatives that can be used in a camping setting.

‘Off The Grid’ Equipment Collection

Outdoor Equipment Collection

Off THe Grid Collection By F. McSwain and F. Chambard

Even in the urban settings there can be a space for the outdoor activities. New York-based designers Frederick McSwain and François Chambard have presented the unique collection, entitled whimsically: Off The Grid that is inspired entirely by the outdoor equipment, such as flashlights, easy-to-make outdoor furniture and most of it is rather an alternative solution to what is traditionally perceived as camping gear. The collection includes:

  • Maglite Story – a collection of upright flashlights made to reference the nighttime stories being told around the campfire;
  • Urban Camouflage – a hand-knitted quilt made from DIY hand-knotted HDPE fabric;
  • Props – a collection of what appears like milk crates that can be used in a variety of ways, from improvised chairs and tables to storage equipment, but there are many different ways of using them that a creative mind can up with;

Outdoor Equipment Collection

Proprs By F. McSwain and F. Chambard

  • Craft System Lamps is a collection of lamp shades that are repetitive in their Corian shape. This collection continues the last year theme of Craft System lamps that were introduced during the Wanted Design exhibition. The lamps can be used up with battery-powered LEDs, hurricane candle light, kerosene lights, lantern;
  • Cumulus – this is a table, creation of which is inspired by the form of a diamond. It is made from anodized aluminum and its surface dances and shimmers, changing “like the weather”;
  • DLX Trunks and Racks is an intriguing cross-over between a military trunk and a travel suitcase. These objects are made from maple wood and hardwood, anodized aluminum and nylon webbing. The base of the trunks presents traditional hotel luggage racks, revisited and simplified;
  • Quest for Fire is a set of three drums, made from chrome-plated oil drums. They have a collection of Maglite flashlight that can be powered up if needed. This set is referring to the classic book by J. H. Rosny, about prehistoric cavemen.
  • 6BCA Tent – A-frame tent is made from aluminum (anodized or powder-coated), maple hardwood, parachute fabric and custom-made moving blankets. It is also equipped with LED strip in the top crossbar. This tent is perfect for camping, especially if you want to camp on the rooftop.

All of these objects are displayed at Gallery R’Pure for New York Design Week until the June 6, so if you happen to be there, take your chance to visit the exhibition.

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