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Leaf Blower Safery Tips

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Using leaf blower might cause you some trouble, however we will help you with not getting hurt, by presenting you with some basic safety tips on using leaf blowers!


Leaf Blowing Safetyy Ideas

So, you have decided to remove the debris of fallen leaves that autumn have left you with? When using leaf blower you might be confronted with some difficulty. Leaf blowers can be either gasoline engine or electric motor and the last can be lighter and easier for maintainance, especially if you lawn is small, however they are not good to use on the wet surface. Gasoline leaf blowers are the most powerfull and are generally used in large lawn areas.


Leaf blowers produce a lot of noise that might damage your ear drums. They produce about 70 to 75 decibels at a distance of 50 feet, while the norm is 55 decibels. So in this case make sure to protect your ears with earplugs or noise-reducing earphones. Another thing to consider is dust, because leaf blowers stir a massive amount of small particles. You would be surprised, but the American Lung Association estimates that the leaf-blower engines cause more pollution than a car! So caring a mask for safety is really important. Lastly, never ever point the leaf blower at someone, because the force of this device is really unpredictable and can cause a lot of damage!


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