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How to Make Wind Sculptures

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Homemade wind sculptures provide a cost-effective way to add garden accessories that will add interest and create a soothing garden experience. You can make wind sculptures from almost any material and you can get as creative as you want with the design and decoration. Start out with a simple bamboo wind sculpture made from just a few pieces of bamboo and a few easy-to-find tools and supplies. This project won’t take you longer than two hours and you can can use it as a basic model to begin more complex wind sculpture designs.

Line up the bamboo side-by-side on a flat work surface. If all the pieces are not the same length, trim them. Find the center of the bamboo and mark a dot at the center of each rod. All of the dots must line up.

Drill or screw (with an eye hook) a small hole at every dot you marked. Screw an eye hook into the top part of the beginning and the bottom part of the end of each piece of bamboo (skip the top eye hook on the first bamboo rod). Don’t place any eye hooks in the center holes.

Tie a piece of ribbon to the eye hook at the beginning of the first rod of bamboo and connect it diagonally to the eye hook at the end of the next rod. Continue this pattern with all of the rods. Straighten out the wire hanger. Run the wire through the center dots, with the hook part of the hanger at the top of the sculpture.

Bend the end of the wire hanger to support the last bamboo rod or glue on a wooden ball or other stopper to gently hold the last rod in place.

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