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How to Decorate Exterior Windows for Christmas

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When decorating your home this holiday season take some time to think about the windows. Windows have a huge impact on the outside of a home and they deserve just as much attention as any other area. Windows connect the inside and outside worlds and give people passing by a glimpse into your home. As such, Christmas window decorations are an integral part of holiday décor.

Exterior windows decor tips for Christmas


People often think of hanging Christmas wreaths on doors, but there’s no need to stop there. Try hanging matching wreaths in every window on the front façade of your home. Since there will be a few of them keep them simple and hang them from matching pieces of thick ribbon (fishing wire also works but ribbon is more elegant.) For maximum impact hang a matching wreath on the front door but make sure it’s a bit larger than the ones in the windows.

Garlands and Swags

Garlands and swags look beautiful and elegant when hung around exterior window frames and make great Christmas window decorations. Like with wreaths, this look has more of an impact when it’s done on all the windows. If this isn’t possible be sure to at least drape them around all the windows on the first floor or on the windows that sit on each side of the front door. The key is to make it look balanced and uniform.
Evergreen garlands and swags are lovely on their own but they can also be embellished with extra holiday décor like pinecones and Christmas lights.


There’s no reason why ornaments need to be reserved for Christmas trees. Take some of your favorites and attach them to long pieces of ribbon and hang them in the windows. Depending on the size of your windows and window treatments you can either hang one large one or you can hang a series.


A big bouquet of flowers looks stunning from the outside when placed on a windowsill. Use the flowers of the season and add fruit, evergreen, pinecones, berries, and any other holiday-themed items you can think of. Place them all together in a large vessel such as a silver champagne bucket or punch bowl.

Window Boxes

If you have window boxes be sure to include them in your holiday decorating as well. The best way is to play up the outdoors and fill them with holiday greenery like pinecones and evergreen boughs. To give them a slightly more festive look add some twinkle lights.


Christmas lights are a staple of holiday décor and they make terrific Christmas window decorations. While it’s nice to have the glow coming in from outside, remember not to use any lights that are too bright or too harsh that will bother people who are sitting inside near the windows (or your neighbors!). The same goes for blinking lights. If you use them you might not want to have them right at the windows as they can be distracting to people inside the house.


< Lit candles sitting on the windowsill can look very warm and inviting from the outside, however there are some safety concerns. Don't leave a lit candle anywhere near curtains, drapes, or other window treatments that could catch fire. The best way to avoid this is to use battery operated flameless candles. They look great and you would almost never know that they're not the real thing. If you insist on using real candles place them in hurricane vases to reduce the risk of fire. And it should go without saying never to leave them unattended.

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