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Healthy Yard Competition Between Neighbors

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Not many people may admit it, but everybody knows that most neighbors actually enjoy a healthy competition when it comes to the yard. It is not bad to have the greatest, most extravagant yard in the neighborhood, but only one backyard in each hood can take that title. It is time to make that house yours by considering these four clever ways to make your neighbors a bit jealous about your yard.

A Pond

A Pond As Your Pride

A Pond As Your Pride

Almost nothing is more impressive and relaxing in a backyard than a beautifully designed and maintained pond. There are so many styles and options when it comes to installing a pond, and the best part is that ponds do not have to cost that much. If you have the budget to make a little creek through your yard, complete with bridges, plant life and fish, you can guarantee that all of the neighbors will want to come over and look for themselves.

A Hot Tub

Enjoy Your Hot Tub

Enjoy Your Hot Tub

There is nothing like graciously relaxing with a daily soak in your own hot tub. It is simply the perfect way to enjoy a cool evening in peaceful warmth and comfort. In fact, once you pour yourself a glass of wine and get the jets going, it is hard to argue that there is an ideal way to spend time winding down after a long workweek.

A Gazebo

A Lovely Place to Be at

A Lovely Place to Be at

A lovely gazebo gives you a place to sit and relax in the shade on a hot summer day. Adding, a sitting area, hammock or swing in the gazebo once again gives you another place to wind down and relax while your neighbor gets to sit on his or her boring old lawn chairs on the back porch.

A Bounce House

Let Your and Neghbors's Kids Have Fun

Let Your and Neghbors’s Kids Have Fun

If your neighbor is the type who always likes to have the kids over, turn things in your favor once again by buying a bounce house to inflate and put in the backyard. Since bounce houses can be an eyesore for adults, you will be pleased to know that you can easily pump out the toy and put it in the closet whenever the kids are not playing but whenever the bounce house is blown up. It is guaranteed that every kid in the neighborhood will be in your backyard!

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