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Garden Stakes Decor

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Garden stakes are very versatile as outdoor decorating accessories for they can be used in their little versions as garden labels and their full versions as decorative elements. Today we are going to explore different ways of exploiting these funky decor accessories.

Different Ways of Using Garden Stakes

garden stakes

Gardening Labels

Gardening labels are especially needed if you are into container gardening, as they present a very helpful way of organizing the seedlings. These labels can also be used in elevated gardening. These little labels can actually be made practically out of anything.

One of the most popular ideas for garden labels is to the ice-cream popsicle sticks and a permanent marker. The more elaborate designs include wooden spoons, and even metal accessories. You would be surprised, but little pebbles are also quite popular as garden labels.

garden stakes

Garden Stakes

Now these beauties are ultimate garden decoration treats. They might come in many forms, and usually serve no other purpose than decor. Most often, a garden stake is a stake with some decorative top, but just take a look at these lovely butterflies! Another popular use of garden stakes is for illumination. They are either sold with lamps or can be converted into ones. Remember the tiki torches? Well, they are a classy representation of an illumination stake.

Garden stakes can also become bird feeders. You can either buy one online, or make one out of a teacup and a post. Take a teacup, which you otherwise would definitely throw away, some glue and a post. Now, using the glue attach the teacup and a saucer to a post. Fill the cup with seeds or bird food – and voila, your bird feeding station is ready.

garden stakes

As you see, there are many applications of the simple garden stakes, so use your creativity and enjoy the fun of decorating your garden!

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