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Face Sculpture Planters Are Still Trendy And Darling

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Face sculptures have some unexplainable allure and weirdness about them. Maybe that’s why Pinterest is still so very much in love with them and many artists and companies out there are offering their take on this gorgeous trend. You can find all kinds of styles on the market but you can also go the DIY route if you like working with cement and concrete.

Sculpture Planters In Your Garden

Stone Face Creations

Stone Face Creations sulpture planters

If you don’t want to splurge on a stone sculpture planter, here is a tutorial to make one from a foam model head. It’s a great alternative, especially if you are planting something that doesn’t require repotting and deep soil.

There are many DIY ideas for planters out there as well, and you can use any form to create your unique pots out of cement or concrete including surgery gloves, dolls, large leaves, beach balls, and other objects that you’d like to transform into a planter.

Campania International Sleeping Maiden Cast Stone Planter

Campania International Sleeping Maiden Cast Stone Planter from Hayneedle

Face planters aren’t cheap but they are definitely worth it, if you’re buying them as art pieces rather than for pure function.

Statue planters by Castart Studio

Cement face planters by Castart Studio

Double head planter by Cookie Scottorn

Double head planter by Cookie Scottorn

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