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DIY Outdoor Chandeliers

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Liking gardening and DIY, you would probably start a new tradition for you as a garden hobby and create DIY projects, let us say each or every other Friday. When it comes to outdoor lighting, the sky is the limit. Why stick to only traditional outdoor lighting, when there are so many funky options out there. I think the perfect mix is to have all your basic outdoor lighting done with traditional garden lighting and add some DIY stuff in for effect. Like this you will get a more unique and personal space. Besides, your friends and family will think you are so creative and imaginative. I will bet you they will even ask you for tips.

Lighting Outdoors

When the days get longer, sunnier, and everyone is ready to spend more time outside in the great outdoors. When the outdoor evening temperatures are too perfect to go inside, you will need something to keep your outdoor living space lit to enjoy it as long as you can. Besides looking fantastic, an outdoor oasis can actually give value to your home. Mood lighting is an incredibly important aspect to any living space. I love the look of chandeliers hanging above a sitting or dining area. To create outdoor chandeliers, hang mason jars filled with candles or electric tea lights. You can also buy a second hand chandelier and replace the bulbs with solar powered lights. If you have access to a convenient power source, consider stringing twinkle lights around a hula-hoop to create a fun chandelier.

Cork Chandelier

You can look at some of the samples of DIY chandeliers that can make you start creating projects on one of those hobby Fridays.

Another day, another holiday, another occasion in the family or among your friends, a boatload of wine corks left over from your feet. Wine cork crafts may not sound like the coolest way to spend your holiday break, but do not retain. There are some impressively cool ways to use wine corks instead of throwing them out. In addition, it is a super green way to use your holiday party aftermath, and a lot more fun than taking out trash bags.

Need a new lighting scheme in your house? Go the up cycled route with this DIY wine cork chandelier.

Cork Chandelier

Cork Chandelier

Wine Bottle Chandelier

What do you do with the bottles of wine? Do you put them in a recycle bin and let them disappear in a furnace? I am sure we can do more than that and we can transform them in useful, decorative objects. Creative recyclers have converted old bottles into different household objects and works of art. Some craftspeople slice the bottle’s neck into rings that become the components of wind chimes and mobiles. Some wire the bottles for electricity and obtain interesting lighting objects. You can gather them in a bunch and make a wonderful chandelier!  You will need a few tools for bottle crafts, including a tile cutter, stained-glass saw or diamond-bladed wet saw for cutting the glass and a power drill with a glass-cutting tip.

Wine Bottles

Wine Bottles

Wax Paper Chandelier

There are many chandeliers made of shells out in blog land with some made out of wax paper, plastic cups, laminated rice paper, even wax paper mod purged onto plastic milk jugs. You can try a small-scale project creating a chandelier out of wax paper. You will need an old tabletop lamp base, wax paper, and a sewing machine to sew all the pieces of wax paper together.

Wax Paper

Wax Paper

Please see other DIY chandeliers in the galery below.

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