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Decorate an Outside Mailbox for the Fall Season

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Decorating your outside mailbox can be a very festive tradition, especially during the fall season. Depending on your beliefs, interests and family structure, there are many ways to create fall-inspired outside mailbox decorations using the fall holidays as inspiration.

Back to School Decorations

Depending on the ages of your children, back-to-school-inspired decorating may be an appropriate option. For younger children decorate with shiny red apples with “bookworms,” or worms with glasses, as inspiration for the new school year. If you have older children, use fall sports-themed decorations. Pom-poms for the cheerleader in the family or football imagery for the football player. Teenagers or children in the last few years in high school may inspire college- or graduation-themed mailbox decorations. Mount your mailbox with a graduation cap for your new senior, or hang a small banner from your mailbox honoring the school your child is hoping to attend.

Halloween Decorations

As one of fall’s favorite holidays, Halloween gives a lot of ideas for outdoor mailbox decorations. Decorate your mailbox with plastic jack-o-lanterns, fake spiderwebs and skeletons. You could also decorate your mailbox to look like a person dressed in a costume for Halloween. For example, you could put a mask on the front of your mailbox, and attach a costume to the bottom of your mailbox. Try using chicken wire or a small mannequin to create a firm foundation for your costume. Another idea is to use an electronic Halloween device to play a spooky sound or message whenever someone opens the mailbox.

Harvest or Thanksgiving Decorations

Decorate your mailbox in a fall harvest or Thanksgiving theme with pumpkins and colorful leaves. Use images of turkeys, cornucopias and traditional thanksgiving imagery like pilgrims and Native Americans. You could even decorate your mailbox to look like a turkey by putting a three-dimensional turkey head on the front of the mailbox, attaching swinging turkey legs and feet to the bottom of the mailbox and attaching a colorful turkey tail to the back of the mailbox.

Other Holiday Theme Decorations

Honor military veterans with Veterans Day-, Armistice Day- or Remembrance Day-themed decorations. Hang patriotic flags from your mailbox in honor of your country’s veterans. Commemorate Columbus Day or the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. Mount a pilgrim’s hat to the top of your mailbox. Honor El Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, by remembering family members who have passed on by decorating your mailbox with photos and memorabilia from departed relatives.

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